Funeral Service

The release of white doves at a funeral service is an everlasting memory for everyone present. It is certainly a spectacular sight and allows the friends and family some closure and peace of mind as they watch the doves fly upwards symbolic of the release of the spirit of their beloved friend.

The Spirit Dove Release

Inside the chapel a beautifully decorated cage holding your ‘Spirit Dove’ will sit next to the coffin during the service. Once outside the chapel or at the graveside, your loved one’s journey begins with the release of a flock of white doves from a basket. These doves fly upwards towards the heavens and circle high above the service, these symbolise angels and friends waiting to greet the deceased. A moment after ‘The Spirit Dove’ representing your loved one is released by a chosen person, usually the closest to them, and sets the spirit free. ‘The Spirit Dove’ flys up towards the flock and is escorted on his journey home.