White dove releases at weddings are becoming increasingly popular and are easily adapted to suit everyone’s special day. The release of the birds is a spectacular sight for your guests and superb opportunities for your wedding photographer, it is more environmentally friendly than throwing rice or confetti and these elegant doves are the ultimate symbol of love, peace and happiness.

Bridal Doves   

Doves as a mated pair will stay together faithful and true to each other for life. The bride and groom release the two pure white doves and they will fly upwards and circle above a few times and then fly home as a pair. This symbolises our newly wed couple embarking on their journey through love and life together.

Solitary Dove

A solitary dove may be used to represent the presence of the spirit of an absent friend. It is released in honour of that person at your wedding and the solitary dove flys up and joins the bridle doves.

The Flock

A flock of doves is released from a basket and they also fly upwards to join the circling bridal birds to support them in the journey through life. The flock can be released by the bridal party or a chosen person.


You may wish to have white fantail doves in decorated cages on display at your church to lead up to the white dove release. This produces an artistic and spiritual effect which compliments your elegant ceremony.